Update: Disregard previous information about FIM-E licence!

Update 2018-07-17, kl 11.00

Bortse från nedanstående inlägg.
FIM-E licens behövs ej för 53-årsracet, Linköping eller Classic TT, Karlskoga.

Disregard the following posts.
FIM-E licenc is not required for 53-årsracet or ClassicTT, Karlskoga.


Due to a decision taken by FIM-Europe in December 2017 all riders that are participating in an international race outside there own country must have a special FIM international license. That one is issued by your National Federation.

To be able to participate and compete in the 53-Årsracet you as rider must be able to show that license (and your ordinary license) at check in. If you don’t have that extra international license we will not be able to let you participate.

We hope that You understand that this isn’t anything we as an organizer invented; it is demanded from out National federation; Svemo.

We sincerely hope that you will be able to obtain the needed license and that we will see You in Linköping.

Best regards


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